Posted by: gillarbuthnott | January 15, 2011

12th November 2010

I visited Cockenzie yesterday after being invited by teacher Mark Wood to open their new and fabulously named library, ‘The Wormery’. Also taking part in the opening were local artist Lorna Angus, and Erin (whose last name I’ve forgotten: sorry), who chose the name. It’s obviously going to be a great resource for the school and is a lovely space, very well suited to the eating of books by bookworms. Thanks to all the pupils who asked me really difficult questions during the afternoon, and hope to see you all again.


On the 9th, I went along to the area heat of the KidsLitQuiz at George Heriot’s School. There were a massive 28 teams entered this year, and the wonderful Wayne Mills as Quizmaster/Ringmaster. All the teams seemed to have a great time, and us authors certainly enjoyed ourselves helping with the scoring. The heat was won by Stewarts Melville – well done to them. I’m off down to the Newcastle heat on the 26th, and this time I’m in the authors’ team. I’m scared I’ll be shown up by all the school teams!


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