Posted by: gillarbuthnott | January 15, 2011

29th October 2010

This has been a busy month in a good way. I had a great time in Oxford at the Oxfordshire Book Awards at the start of the month and really enjoyed talking at Wheatley Park School. What an amazing place! I think from now on I’ll only do talks at schools with moats and ancient oak trees. The awards themselves were great fun, with lots of interesting questions for us authors from the audience. Thanks to everyone at Abingdon School who made me so welcome.

I had a week in Crete with my family in the middle of the month, with the luxury of being a bit too hot for most of the time, and the bonus of the most spectacular lightning I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know you could get pink lightning! Ialso got the chance to read quite a few books while lying by the pool. The best one by a mile was ‘The Hunger Games’. Wow! My fourteen year old son really enjoyed it too, which is quite a result. I’ve bought the next one, but I’m trying not to start reading it just yet.

Yesterday I was in Durham as part of the Durham Book Festival, doing a Crazy Science talk to the most knowledgable audience I’ve ever had. I don’t know what’s in the water in Durham, but you should be bottling it and selling it to the rest of the country. Thankyou everyone who was there, for such a great time.

Meanwhile, on the writing front, I’m back at work on the picture book I’m trying to do. Good fun, and so different from writing a novel. Just because it’s short certainly doesn’t mean it’s easy…  


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