Posted by: gillarbuthnott | January 21, 2011

21st January 2011: Happy Birthday Byron!

I only know it’s Byron’s birthday tomorrow because I’m going out for  Christmas dinner tonight.

Now, I realise that sentence doesn’t make immediate sense to many people, so let me explain. The Society of Authors in Scotland’s Christmas knees-up fell victim, like so many other things, to the weather in December. We responded with a resounding ‘NO’ when asked if we wanted a Burns Supper instead (I’ve got nothing against Burns, but there’s only so much haggis one woman can eat.), so  instead we’re having an Almost-Byron’s-Birthday party.

On another note entirely, I’ve just seen ‘Life Story’, my ebook with Barrington Stoke for the first time. This is entirely due to my technological inadequacy, as I don’t possess a gadget onto which I could download it. (I had to get one of my pupils to put it on his iphone for me – thankyou Tom.) It looks really good, but I have to admit I find the whole reading on screen thing a bit foreign.


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