Posted by: gillarbuthnott | February 14, 2011


I’m delighted to be one of fifty authors world-wide commissioned to write for the Edinburgh International Book Festival on the theme of ‘Elsewhere’.  I’ve just put the finishing touches to a short story called ‘Marilyn’s Hands’  for the project. You’ll be able to read it soon on the EIBF website, and it’s also going to be available as a podcast, once I’ve got rid of my cough and recorded it!

It’s been fascinating working on a short story. It’s not the sort of writing I often try, and when I do the stories have a habit of deciding they’re really novels, so it was great to find that I could keep this one under control, and wrestle it to an end point within 3000 words.

Back working on the picture book now, which is only 1000 words, so needs even more discipline from me. When I start the next novel (very soon), it’s going to feel like luxury having so many words available again… I feel greedy just thinking about it.

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