Posted by: gillarbuthnott | March 27, 2011


Yet another new experience from the World of Writing…

I have now recorded my first Audioboo, and no, I haven’t missed the K off the end of that. I’m sure you already know (unlike me) but just in case you don’t, Audioboo is the audio equivalent of Twitter. So, I’ve recorded a piece talking about my short story  Marilyn’s Hands for the Elsewhere project run by the Edinburgh International Book Festival. You can hear it by clicking here; and you can also hear Sara Grady, former director of the Children’s programme at the Book Festival, talking about the project, via the same link. I wonder how long it takes not to cringe when you hear yourself talking? I certainly don’t sound the way I do inside my own head. On the plus side though, I’m pleased that my ideas sound reasonably coherent, since I was basically thinking up what to say as I went! Do let me know what you think – and I’d love to hear what readers think of the story.



  1. I haven’t heard of that before! I’ll go check it out! =D

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