Posted by: gillarbuthnott | May 1, 2011

Anything but Writing…

Aaaargh! I’m at that stage again. I should be used to it by now, I suppose. Every time I write a book, I’m terribly excited when I start, but that soon changes as reality kicks in and I realise just how much work I’m going to have to do and how long it’s going to take. At this point I go into Avoidance mode, watching rubbish on TV, finding things that need done immediately (except they don’t, of course), even doing housework for goodness sake. The strange thing is that as soon as I pick up the pen and get on with it, I really enjoy the writing and it usually goes smoothly, so it’s not Writer’s Block or anything like that.

It’s fine once I get past that and into Obsession mode, though I suspect my family prefer Avoidance: the house is cleaner and they get better food. I’m looking forward to reaching that point this time round. Perhaps I just need to be locked in a bare room and made to get on with it.

Any other suggestions welcome! Or am I the only writer who has this problem?


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