Posted by: gillarbuthnott | May 12, 2011

Blimey, I’m a Podcast

Well, I’ve hit the technological big time now. I know to many people (including myself) I am pathetically ignorant about the cyberworld: to wit, I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, how can I possibly survive, am I actually real?

Well, I must be, because I am now a podcast. To be more precise, my story ‘Marilyn’s Hands’ is now a podcast, one of an increasing number available to download free from iTunes as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s  ‘Elsewhere’ project. Just type ‘Edinburgh Book Festival’ into the artist section of the iTunes search engine, and up they all come.

Now, I enjoyed writing the story and being part of the overall project, but I must say what an revelation it’s been in terms of my cyber presence. Not only am I a Podcast, I’m an Audioboo (and no, I haven’t missed a letter off the end) as well. That’s my favourite actually; I love the name. It makes me feel as though I’m something slightly racy, in an old fashioned, high-class  nightclub where Humphrey Bogart might drop in…

But enough of my fantasy life. Drop into iTunes and hear some of the great stories for yourself!


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