Posted by: gillarbuthnott | May 28, 2011

Film of the Book – Yippee!

Almost every author dreams of seeing one of their books made into a film… Well, I’m delighted to say it’s about to happen to me. Not a Hollywood blockbuster admittedly, more of a Holyrood indie.

Let me explain.  Raffaella Arcidiaco is a P5/6 teacher at Parsons Green Primary School in Edinburgh. She and her class read my book ‘Winterbringers’ and liked it enough to spend time transforming it into a script and filming it. How cool is that??

I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to join them for the premiere next month, and I’m genuinely thrilled to hear they have done this. I can’t wait to find out more; at the moment I don’t even know if it’s live action or animation.

I’d just started to write another book featuring the main characters from Winterbringers, so I’m looking on this as a good omen!

On another note, I’ve just seen some sample illustrations for my picture book. It’s so exciting; I’ve never seen a picture of anything that’s come from my imagination before. Can’t wait to see more.


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