Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 29, 2011

The Last Book Festival Blog – For This Year…

Woe and thrice woe. the Book Festival is almost over and I’ll have to wait 50 weeks until the next one. It’s been a beezer though. (For those who are not Scottish, this means a particularly fine example.) My final treat was listening to Eoin Colfer. I had forgotten just how funny he is, and I wasn’t very surprised to be told that he is a former Perrier Comedy Award winner on the Edinburgh Fringe. His descriptions of being the parent of a teenage boy had all those in the audience who are similarly afflicted howling with laughter after about 3 seconds. He also revealed that his twelve year old criminal genius hero – Artemis Fowl – is based on his little brother, and proceeded to give us a run down of Donal’s greatest achievements in the field. The event also featured a special guest appearance by none other than Artemis Fowl himself – a first sighting, as far as I know.

Today I had the fun of doing my own event – a creative writing workshop for teenagers, in association with the Pushkin Prize. I hope the participants enjoyed themselves as much as I did. It was great to see how much they were writing during the event. If any of you read this, good luck and keep writing! I want to know when you get published.

So, the yurt closes its doors for another year, and I go back to being a teacher as well as a writer…. 50 weeks and counting!


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