Posted by: gillarbuthnott | September 3, 2011

Heaven and Hell…

Am I the only person strange enough to be gradually compiling a list of what would be in their own, personal heaven and hell? I hasten to add, I don’t believe in the ‘real’ things, but if they existed, surely they would have to be personalised in order to fulfil their function?

Here are a few things my own personal hell would contain:

The only music would be banjos, jazz or The Smiths. The only food would be tofu or tripe. The only drinks would be warm milk or Jagermeister. There would be nothing to read but books by Jeffrey Archer or Dan Brown. The only things on TV would be reality shows featuring Ant and Dec or Davina McCall.

I’m getting depressed just writing this…. I’ll have to go and do something cheery. Next time – my heaven, or maybe more hell if I can stand it.

What would be in yours? And, Smiths fans; don’t bother with the hate mail.


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