Posted by: gillarbuthnott | September 18, 2011

Feeling inspired about eBooks

I know, I know, I’ve been very remiss about blogging recently. Real life has been getting in the way, with child#1 turning 18 and going off to university and child #2 going on a field trip in the teeth of a hurricane last week. However, normal service has now been resumed.

I spent yesterday at a hugely useful conference organised by the Sociey of Authors in Scotland. I knew very little about self publishing ebooks when I arrived, but I now feel empowered and excited by the fact that I can publish my own stuff if I want. This seems an amazing opportunity, and I’m just trying to finish my current writing project as fast as possible so I can try the whole Kindle publishing thing out.

I was less empowered – in fact felt like a hopeless luddite – by the suggestion that I need to blog three times a week, as well as tweeting, facebooking…. Three times a week! Urg. Not much chance of that I fear…

As always at these events, one of the best aspects was the chance to talk to my fellow writers, especially at the very convivial drinks reception in the evening, made even more convivial by the fact that the organiser had turned down the chance of having nibbles with the drinks in favour of having more drinks!

Back to personal heaven and hell for the next blog – maybe even before next weekend!




  1. All over Scotland writers are reeling. And not in the ceilidh way, either. But be brave, deep breath, baby steps, and all that jazz!
    Looking forward to your next post WHENEVER it arrives!

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