Posted by: gillarbuthnott | September 23, 2011

Heaven and Hell #2

A couple of weeks ago I shared my personal view of hell, so it seems only fair I tell you what my version of heaven would be. As with hell, this is a work in progress…

An endless supply of calorie-free, hot, buttered toast. And possibly mashed potato. Perfectly ripe peaches, and pears (the most underappreciated fruit, I think). Chocolate – almost any chocolate – but Coco of Bruntsfield’s milk chocolate with sea salt and caramel would be pretty hard to beat.

Good coffee, very hot. Cold, cold Ridgeview English Sparkling Wine (such a shame they can’t call it champagne, when that’s what it is)

An endless supplyof books by Donna Leon. And Jane Austen. And lots of other books, but I’ve got to stop somewhere.

Allan Rickman to read to me when I can’t be bothered holding a book any more.

Lots more series of  The Killing (The Danish one) andThe Sopranos.

A really successful writing career.

A cleaner.

Ah, bliss, if only in my imagination…



  1. I’d want to add baths in there someplace. And cold bedrooms with warm duvets …
    Otherwise, it’s sounding pretty darn good.

    • Goodness, I was hoping that even in hell I’d get the occasional bath, though obviously not a nice, hot, deep one. I’m with you on the cold bedroom/warm bed thing though…

    • Goodness, I was hoping there would be a bath even in hell, though not a nice hot deep one, obviously. I’m with you on the cold bedroom, warm duvet thing though!

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