Posted by: gillarbuthnott | October 21, 2011

I’m Sure Time Can’t Be Linear…



… because I have no idea where October just went. Three quarters of a month has disappeared without trace and I don’t even have the excuse of having been kidnapped by aliens. (As far as I remember anyway.)

I have been on holiday though, and time never works normally during holidays. I was in Athens avoiding the riots and trying to find things that were still open, and then in Santorini avoiding rampaging donkeys and Japanese tourists photographing their food (the tourists that is, not the donkeys. I didn’t see a single donkey with a camera. Or even a hat.)

I’ve already used bits and pieces of Santorini in one book (The Keepers’ Daughter), but having stayed for a few days this time, there are lots of aspects of the island I can’t wait to make use of in the future. The landscape is fantastic – cliffs, smoking volcano, black volcanic sand, sea the colour of orange juice and the temperature of a bath – and history oozes out of the place. Archaelogists are currently excavating a site at Akrotiri that must be Greece’s answer to Pompei, judging from the quality of the wall paintings that are on display.

It’s the life that the paintings show that’s so fascinating. You can identify the species of fish the fishermen are carrying, the lilies and swallows in some of the frescos, the detail of women’s dresses. There are monkeys and mallards and bulls and butterflies. One painting shows a flotilla of boats, with the rigging decorated with birds and butterflies and beads. How sophisticated would a civilisation have to be to bother with that?

I want to know who those people were…




  1. Welcome home! Now blog more photos – Santorini, Akrotiri – they sound amazing!

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