Posted by: gillarbuthnott | December 13, 2011

Weather plots

At this time of year, if you live in Scotland, your mind spends about 80% of the time on one of two topics: Christmas or weather. Christmas seems to be sort of under control, so I’m mainly obsessing about the weather. We’ve had some snow, though not the Arctic quantities of last Decmeber, so it already qualifiies as a proper winter. It’s the wind that’s been the real feature of the last week or so though. This got me thinking that I often use cold weather in my books as part of setting or plot, and occasionally hot weather. Mist and fog, thunder and lightning have walk on parts as atmosphere creators, but I’ve never really written about wind.  I must give it some proper thought, since it’s got lots of potential for moving a plot along – boats sinking, wind fanning flames, carrier pigeons ending up on the wrong continent, fairies smashed against jagged cliffs… Maybe not the last one, but you get my drift. So, for next year, perhaps a wind-assisted story?



  1. Is it because of that sneaky, being-invisible thing? See the effects I have, but you can’t see me?

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