Posted by: gillarbuthnott | December 21, 2011

When Hamlet Met Lizzy…

This is inspired by Scottish Book Trust’s marvellous Christmas idea: Which literary character would you invite to Christmas dinner?

I’d ask Hamlet along. He needs a bit of cheering up, and a chance to chill out in front of a big fire with a couple of glasses, or maybe bottles, of good malt. As a present, I’d give him a cracker containing a paper crown (obviously) and a trick dagger with the blade on a spring. In case he needed a bit of extra jollying along, I’d ask Elizabeth Bennett as my other guest. She’d soon sort him out, and she’d be much better for him than that wet nelly, Ophelia. I think they just might hit it off, especially since Hamlet potentially has access to a whole kingdom, not just a massive estate. However, my present to Elizabeth would be enough money to live happily on her own, if that’s what she wanted, for the rest of her life, so she never felt pressure to marry anyone. I’ve always thought she’d have made a wonderfully disgraceful maiden aunt; the sort who smokes cigarillos and drinks gin and corrupts all her nieces and nephews…

So, who would YOU ask along to share the turkey and mince pies?


Santa has filled my stocking a few days early this year. I’ve just seen the layout for my picture book Lost at the Zoo, which is looking absolutely wonderful. My novel Winterbringers is being featured as the Kelpies Book of the Month, and, best of all, Floris Books will be publishing a new novel featuring the same main characters as Winterbringers, which has the working title Witchcraft, and is going to be very creepy indeed…



  1. You are a prolific and talented bunny – RESPECT!!

    Have a great Christmas and New Year with the non-fictional types that roll up, and I’ll see you in 2012!

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