Posted by: gillarbuthnott | December 29, 2011

Invisible Wives…

Okay, here’s something to think about…

In Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, Rebecca herself is a major character, but never appears. That got me wondering if there are other ‘absent characters’ in books. I came up with a couple from TV shows, namely Maris, Niles Crane’s wife in Frasier, and ‘Er Indoors’, Arthur Daly’s wife in Minder. (Interesting that they’re all wives… )  Ican’t think of any more from books, but I’m sure there must be some. Anybody out there know of any?



  1. Beatrice Baudelaire
    Crazy Rhoda Zimmerman
    Freda Fry
    Godot (character)
    Mrs Grundy
    Little Red-Haired Girl
    Man Who Worked in the Garden
    Mrs. Columbo
    Mrs. Kitzel
    Pierre Nussbaum
    Mrs Wolowitz, The Big Bang Theory

  2. Wow! Now I feel very ignorant indeed. There are lots of these I haven’t heard of at all; I shall have to look them up. Who is The Man Who Worked In The Garden??
    Great to hear from another Arbuthnot/t – we are a rare breed!

  3. My favourites would be
    and Sheridon Bouquet

    (Bill & Ben)

    • Does Sauron count? He is present as a disembodied eye…


    • Oh, that’s a brilliant site! I shall be spending some time there just as soon as I’m not in the middle of organising the New Year Party…

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