Posted by: gillarbuthnott | February 19, 2012

Irritating Heroines….

This week’s post was inspired by comments on last week’s… I’d been toying with the idea of reading Bleak House in an effort to improve my Dickens tolerance rating, but Joan Lennon commented on its extremely wet heroine…

That got me thinking about heroines who make me want to give them a good slap.

You’ll have guessed who number one on my hit list would be: that’s right, Tess. What a ninny that girl is. Hanging is much too good for her, and not because she is a murderer.

Second only to Tess is Lily Dale, Trollope’s ‘bewitching’ heroine in The Small House at Allington. She certainly didn’t bewitch me. She is a nitwit of the first order, determined to moon, apparently for the rest of her life, over the ghastly fortune hunter who jilted her. I’m heartened to find that Trollope eventually got annoyed with her too. I’ts just a shame it hadn’t been when he was writing the book.

On a different note entirely, everyone has their own mental picture of characters they read about. Brian Joseph Davies has taken descriptions of characters from books, and fed them into law enforcement composite sketch software to produce portraits. Have a look at the intriguing results here .



  1. I have never understood why people plod through books when they know that author doesnt appeal to them. I like Dickens, Tolstoy, Dostoyevski, Hardy, George Eliot and Richard Dawkins. I dislike RL Stephenson, Trollope and R Burns. That is just me. I am qute happy to remain like that.

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