Posted by: gillarbuthnott | March 11, 2012

The Pants of Doom?

I’ve been working on a manuscript recently that includes time travel for one of the characters. Now, things like this are always slightly problematic. How do you explain the time travel? Do you even try? If so, do you try to make it scientifically plausible?

If only I had known what was coming my way in the Sunday Times Magazine today, for there it is: The Bra That Rewinds Time.

I kid you not – go and check if you don’t believe me. Could there possibly be a more potentially useful or indeed potentially disastrous garment? It wouldn’t have done for my time travelling character; he’s got enough going on without getting into cross-dressing as well, but for me…

It makes me wonder if the company concerned have more relativity underwear planned. Time-space continuum knickers perhaps, or special relativity thongs. Oh I wish I could think of the jokes that are undoubtedly lurking in this subject. What I’d really like to know though, is how you control the amount of rewinding. Does it depend on the cup size? How tightly you hook it up?

And most important of course; is it machine washable?

I shall be off to outfit myself as soon as possible, and will be back yesterday. Or perhaps last week.



  1. The time traveller in the book I’M working on (great minds, right?) has a full body suit – no underwear allowed – but the real question I want to ask is WHERE DID YOU GET THAT OLD PICTURE OF ME?!?!?

    • What do you mean old?? I was assured that was taken just last week! You and your fancy camera lenses…
      And I need to know more about this body suit… Your hero goes commando?? Is that allowed in children’s/YA writing???

  2. He does indeed. Thank goodness it’s not a picture book.


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