Posted by: gillarbuthnott | March 14, 2012

Pants of Doom #2

This is just getting better and better… Following my discovery of the existence of time travelling underwear, I have found the perfect garment to complement The Bra That Rewinds Time.

As I lurched home from work the other day, I glanced into the window of my local fitness shope (have to admit, not something I’m in the habit of doing…) and there they were:

Energy Pants.

Yes, Energy Pants. Oh frabjous day. Look out world, for what will I not be able to do, clad in my Time Rewinding Bra and my Energy Pants?

I’m really on the lookout now for other bits of clothing with miraculous properties. If you spot anything I can add to my outfit (which is so far a bit draughty for Scotland), please let me know.

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