Posted by: gillarbuthnott | April 1, 2012

Real life 1: Cyber world 0

 I thought of trying to convince you all that my time-travelling bra (see previous post if you are already deeply confused. And possibly worried.) had accidentally sent me to the Carboniferous Era, but you’re never going to believe that.

How about the Victorian Era? No?

The awful truth is that Real Life has been getting in the way of the cyber world. Two family birthdays, elder child to fetch from university, huge Canadian rugby-playing teenager staying, driving through fog to visit friends, end of term mad rush at work… Cut me some  slack here people! I’m afraid the blog slipped way down the list.

And did I mention revising two books? No? Revising two books.

However; all the above are now finished, so I promise to do much better and try to write something interesting very soon. Apologies in the meantime…


  1. What is that lady DOING? When I tried to make her bigger she just got smaller – but that is one come-hither vib she’s got going there!

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