Posted by: gillarbuthnott | July 6, 2012

The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul…

tea_time_03Apologies to the late and much lamented Douglas Adams for stealing his marvellous book title, and apologies for the long hiatus since I last posted. It was that insane end-of-session rush known to all teachers, followed by a week of gibbering recovery helped by chocolate and Henry James – I know that sounds improbable.

The final push at school involves many, many exams which our heroic exams officer survives by the skin of his teeth. He did let me in one bizarre exam fact before they took him away to recover: I bet you didn’ t know that cardboard sick basins must always be availabe in a ratio of one basin per 18 candidates. WTF??  Good to know the exam boards cover all eventualities.

I decided to calm down and chill out by surrendering myself to Henry James and re-reading The Wings of the Dove. Oh my, oh my; I loved it even more this time, when I knew not to expect anything to be made explicit if it could be kept obscure. Genius and crazy man at the same time… I was looking at other people’s comments on him online yesterday and came across one marvellous entry – I’m sorry, I’ve lost track of who it was – along the lines of  ‘Henry James taught me that pain can be good.’ Fifty Shades of Grey, eat your heart out!

Which brings me to the long, dark teatime.  Come on, you’re already there, aren’t you? It’s Wimbledon men’s semi-finals day, and I’m just waiting for Andy Murray’s match to start… Let’s hope he can emulate James and bring me satisfaction at the end of the inevitable pain.

PS. 4 hours later, and all I have to say is YES, YES, YES!!!   And, oh God, now I have to go through it all again on Sunday…


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