Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 14, 2012

Bookfest Blog #1: Ironing and Stalking…

The first of this year’s many visits to the Edinburgh International Book Festival yesterday, to hear Sally Gardner and Celia Rees talking to Nicola Morgan about their new books The Double Shadow (Sally), and This is Not Forgiveness (Celia). Both books sound excellent; complex, surprising and emotionally involving. Sally also spoke about the positive effects of her dyslexia on her imagination. In the Q&A they were asked how they kick start their writing when it gets stuck. Both recommended going out for a walk (works for me as well), or a long soak in the bath. Nicola claims her secret cure is ironing, but I was with Celia when she said in horror that the mere threat of having to do ironing would be enough to unstick her writing! I should add that Nicola is welcome round at my house any time if she’s having a particularly sticky session and reaches the bottom of her own ironing pile.

Also talked to An Acquaintance who shall remain nameless, for her own dignity, about her plan to stalk Michael Palin in the Authors’s Yurt so she could give him a hug… Longing to know how that one went. I suspect this happens to him fairly regularly in his capacity as unofficial Nicest Man in the World.

How do you unstick your own writing? Share your tips…


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