Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 19, 2012

Bookfest Blog #4: And the winner is…

Two events that weren’t open to the public to write about today…

First, the launch of the Elsewhere short story project in its written form. This project began two years ago when the Book Festival commissioned 50 authors world wide to write a short story or essay on the theme of Elsewhere. Initially these appeared online and as podcasts, but now they’ve been put together as a stunning set of 4 books produced by Cargo Publishing in association with McSweeney’s. It’s a great thrill to be part of this group of authors, and lovely to have a chance to talk to some of them at the launch.

Second, the Kelpies Prize award was made on Friday at the Book Festival. The readings from the three short-listed novels made it clear how high the standard of entries must have been – it must be horribly difficult being a judge. It was soon time for Theresa Breslin to open the golden envelope however, and reveal that this year’s winner is Nicking Time by Tracy Traynor, set in Glasgow in 1976. Can’t wait to read it – it’ll be like time travelling to have 1976 unroll before me again!



  1. I’ve been enjoying your Bookfest Glogs … make that Blogs … thanks!

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