Posted by: gillarbuthnott | September 26, 2012

Here and Elsewhere…

I haven’t blogged recently because I haven’t been doing anything interesting, following my hip op. Walk, exercise, rest does not make for exciting reading.


Today there is certainly something worth blogging about, which is the launch of the Elsewhere anthology. This is a project run by the Edinburgh International Book Festival, which started 2 years ago when they approached 50 writers (including me, to my great joy) to write something on the theme of ‘Elsewhere’.

Podcasts and Audioboos followed, and now, thanks to Cargo Publishing and McSweeney’s there is a stunning, 4 book boxed set. In the age of the e-book, it’s lovely to see the launch of a collection so beautifully designed, a desirable object in its own right even before you open the pages. I hope it is the huge success it deserves to be.

Oh, and on a different note, son has at last read my blog and realised I’ve been having him on about the cat in the high vis waistcoat. He’s taken it well. Or he’s planning some truly horrible, elaborate revenge…


  1. What a great project to be part of – well done! Hope your hip is blooming … if that’s what I mean.

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