Posted by: gillarbuthnott | January 19, 2013

Perfect Pastimes For Wintry Weekends…

imagesThere’s snow outside (though only a couple of inches), and more forecast, and I’ve got two perfect pastimes for the weekend.

Firstly, I’m reading the Russian entries – not in Russian, I need hardly add – for the Pushkin Prizes, for which I’m delighted to be on the judging panel this year. Apart from the cresative writing, it’s fascinating reading the mini-biographies of these Russian teenagers. How they would laugh at our feeble response to this week’s ‘Snowmageddon’ down south. I’m about to sit down with the family to watch a documentary about the winter of 1963. That’ll be an eye-opener for my son. I don’t remember it, only being 5 at the time, but hearing about it was one of the things that inspired my novel Winterbringers.

Secondly, it’s that time of the year when I surrender myself to the will of another; prepared for pain, fear and vexation, followed by blissful satisfaction. Yes, it’s marmalade time! The pain of molten marmalade hitting the skin, the vexation and fear – Will it set? Why isn’t it setting? Have  I missed setting point? – and the ultimat relief when you tilt a jar of completed marmalade and find you haven’t just made orange sauce instead.

Finally, as an addemdum to my last post, Lindsey Fraser found me this clip of a Two Ronnies sketch I’d never heard of: The Rook Restaurant. Enjoy the masters at work!

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