Posted by: gillarbuthnott | February 7, 2013

Spaced Out Cats

imagesI decided it was time for Len the Psycho (That’s the cat, not the husband) to be treated to a new catnip mouse. As I tore open the packet, I noticed that they’re made, not in the far east, as I had assumed, but in Fordingbridge in Hampshire,  (near Southampton, where I lived for a couple of years).

I began to try to visualise the rolling catnip fields of Hampshire, presumably full of rolling cats, totally spaced out on their drug of choice… How do they harvest the catnip? Is it mechanised? If so, does the machinery include a special cat-tosser to scoop and throw the addled moggies out of the way?

Oh, how I wish I could draw cartoons… Or maybe someone from Hazes Fabrications (the catnip mouse makers) can tell me the (doubtless much more boring) true facts?

PS That isn’t Len in the photo. He doesn’t do photos. He says they’re not in his contract of employment.



  1. That is one fluffy cat you’ve got there! Blissed out on … are those marigolds? But I never thought – it’s a very good question – how DO catnip growers keep out the cats?

    • Well, I’m hoping the mouse manufacturers might see this and let me know!

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