Posted by: gillarbuthnott | February 19, 2013

Jos Hooiveld And Me….

imagesCAX32AGSThose who know me well already comprehend just how fascinating I usually find football. I do at least understand the aim now, thanks to the football mad son. Football mad son doesn’t always quite get the point of mywriting, but has now decided it’s maybe not too uncool after all.

The reason for our radical rethink of each other’s passions is that one of my books is featuring in The Premier League Reading Stars On Line Challenge. Now, that’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s a really excellent idea. The National Literacy Trust has got together with various Premier League footballers to encourage football-mad boys and girls to read a bit more. Players read extracts from selected books online and set questions on them. Readers who complete the challenge gain access to exclusive football videos and can win posters and signed certificates.

In my case, Jos Hooiveld of Southampton is reading from Germ Wars (in a lovely Dutch accent). You can listen to him here. Perhaps now I’ll gain some street cred with some of my football-mad pupils…


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