Posted by: gillarbuthnott | March 2, 2013

PandaMonium at the Zoo!

panda-doing-handstand2 I know there is rising excitement at Edinburgh Zoo as their pandas get closer to a possible mating opportunity. Yuang Guan (Sunshine) the male, is apparently beefing up on bamboo to reach his ideal babe-magnet weight, and putting in some serious handstand time, not to show off directly to Tian Tian (Sweetie) his (fingers crossed) mate, but in a panda ‘who-can-pee-the-highest’ contest against all the other males – oh wait, there aren’t any. Still, it’s fantastic to watch.

Rising panda excitement also exists in my household, as I’ve just got my paws on an advance copy of my new picture book  ‘The Giant Panda Party’ (Picture Kelpies). Joanne Nethercott’s illustrations are wonderfully attractive, and also include a handstanding panda – though in the book he’s doing handstands for a different reason. (Fear not, parent readers; you’re not going to have to launch into a lecture on reproduction!)

 As long as no one expects me to be able to do handstands to promote the book I’ll be fine.Giant_Panda_Party_macaws..



  1. Pandas continue to amaze me – talk about the species least likely to succeed – and yet we do love them! Your book looks lovely.

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