Posted by: gillarbuthnott | March 19, 2013

Buttered Cats

436Cat_toastI was searching for bloggish inspiration when one of my pupils said to me this morning after watching a DVD about animal movement, ‘Miss, you know toast always lands butter side down, and cats always land on their feet? What would happen to a buttered cat?’

This is not a question I have been asked in my 3000 years of teaching, and I had no answer, but imagine my surprise to find many, many images and websites devoted to just that question. Who knew? And just how much spare time do these people have??

Lots more than me, that’s for sure. Recently, I have been 1) approving book covers 2) proof reading the new novel 3) proof reading the new non-fiction 4) visiting Dundee to do an author session (Hello Menzieshill High!) 5) trying to catch up on far too many emails 6) attempting to find time to live my normal life.

I’m not complaining though! The more writing related activities the better. But why do they all come at once?



  1. Get a good laugh from all your posts, Gill – the wackier the better! This one will take some beating. Don’t you just love it when kids come up with questions like that?!

    • Oh, you have no idea….

  2. Hello to Gill from Menzieshill High! Pupils thoroughly enjoyed your session (and some of them have been researching Vacanti mice). Article should be up on school website shortly .
    Also loved today’s post, but think I won’t try it with my cat…

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