Posted by: gillarbuthnott | April 14, 2013

Work and Play

untitledI’ve been having a lovely time this week writing really fast (for me). It’s wonderful to build up some momentum; that’s definitely the way writing works best for me at least. I’m going  to have to go back and put the plot into the story soon though. Not so sure how that will go.  And it will all slow down again because I’m back to work tomorrow.

One of the books I took with me as part of my holiday reading recently was Stephen King’s On Writing, which I would thoroughly recommend. As well as being a memoir of his life, it’s got lots of very sound advice about writing. Or do I only think it’s sound because so much of it agrees with what I already think? Who knows.  One thing it has made me hypersensitive to is using adverbs, which is not something I’d particularly noticed before. I’m trying to steer clear of them rather than use them unthinkingly. (Aargh! There’s one.) For now, anyway.

Apart from having a lovely time writing, I also had a lovely time at the Scottish Storytelling Centre yesterday, taking part in the Picture Kelpies day and giving The Giant Panda Party its first public outing. Everyone seemed to enjoy the audience participation opportunities. (Animal noises and singing Happy Birthday.) The pandas have been in the papers almost every day recently, as anticipation grows that they just might be about to mate. No privacy for them…

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