Posted by: gillarbuthnott | May 4, 2013

Dark Spell Launch – And Millipedes.

ImageProxyI had a great time at the launch party for Dark Spell on Thursday. Lots of friends came to give it a good send off, and I was particularly delighted to see everyone from Parson’s Green Primary School.   We all had lots of drinks and nibbles courtesy of Floris Books, and I got to give a suitably creepy reading to whet people’s appetites to read the rest of the book. You can find out more about Dark Spell by looking at the Discover Kelpies Newsletter, and win a copy if you enter the competition there.

I’ve only put a picture of myself at the launch up here because I couldn’t find the illustration I really wanted. I have defeated Google Image; or rather, some of my pupils have. Teaching has its surreal moments, but none more so than on Friday, when I heard one of my S1 pupils say to another ‘How do you put a bikini on a millipede?’ I spent the rest of the day trying – and failing – to think of a context in which that could possibly be a reasonable question… Oh how I wish I could draw cartoons.



  1. Many congratulations – I couldn’t come but I thought of you! Huzzah!

    • Thanks Joan – it’s about time we had a drink or two somewhere to see how the Masterplans are going!

      • Too right – I’ll be in touch!

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