Posted by: gillarbuthnott | July 22, 2013

The Perils of Sunshine.

A woman writing on a sun lounger (b/w photo)I have a fantasy about going to live in Greece for a few months to write. It’s never going to happen of course, but the past couple of weeks have made me realise this might be just as well, or I might never see another book published.

I should have been beavering away at two projects since I got back from holiday, but you can’t stay in and write when the weather’s this lovely, can you? There’s fruit to be picked in the garden, and then I have to do something with it, and the pond needs topped up, and it’s holidays, so I deserve to sit in the sun and read for a bit… You get the picture.

Am I alone in this? Do other writers just draw the curtains and get on with it? Please tell me!

61weyFYzyFL__SY300_Last week saw publication day for What Makes You You? my new non-fiction DNA book from A&C Black. It looks fantastic – I’m awed by the people who take my text and bring it to life through design and illustrations.



  1. I love the writing lady photo!

    I think probably Greek sunshine goes on forever, so eventually you’d get acclimatized and then the words would flow! (Can I come too? I’d be very quiet …) Here’s there’s always the feeling it ain’t gonna last!

    • I think it might take a while for someone from Scotland to totally believe in reliable sunshine.. But I’d be willing to put in the research – and of course, I’d need a co-researcher…

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