Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 18, 2013

Book Festival #2

tooThis week’s revelation has been A L Kennedy. I’ve only read one of her books (‘Day’), but I was attracted by the title of her event and latest book, ‘On Writing‘. What a revelation! I’ve always thought of her as such a serious writer that I was almost afraid of her, even at a distance. She was fantastic: open, generous, passionate, wise and funny. Very funny. I am now binge-reading my way through ‘On Writing‘ and deciding in which order to read all her other books.

I also had my eyes opened to yet another dimension of Edinburgh through the ages during ‘Reading the City’ in which James Robertson and Alanna Knight read from their own and other’s books. I now need to read Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Picturesque Notes‘ to extend my knowledge further.

So many books, so many events, so little time…

And next week, as well as listening, I’ll be talking, as I have two events on Wednesday 21st. Which I am now going off to prepare.



  1. Best of luck on Wednesday – I know you’ll be great!

    • Thanks! And this year, I really will turn up on time!!

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