Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 22, 2013

Bookfest #3

untitledIt’s been my turn to do some work at the Book Festival and entertain (I hope) instead of waiting to be entertained.

Yesterday I had the very pleasant task of launching this year’s Pushkin Prizes and talking about my novel ‘Dark Spell‘ to a tent full of  school parties, including one intrepid group all the way from Tobermory High School. They were a great audience, and were ready with lots of good questions, including a couple I’ve never been asked before.

After a brief lull, it was on to a picture book event, reading ‘The Giant Panda Party‘ to a fantastically attentive group of toddlers (and the world’s best -behaved babies). They were delighted to have a surprise visit from Tian Tian herself, who had sneaked out of the zoo for a bit of a break from the crowds waiting to see if she had a baby panda concealed somewhere about her person. Masks were made, pictures were coloured, Happy Birthday was sung, and everyone went home happy.

Thankyou to both audiences for making it such an excellent day for me!

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