Posted by: gillarbuthnott | December 8, 2013

My Books of the Year

pile-of-booksAll the papers seem to have a Books of the Year section in the run-up to Christmas, so why not me? Not all these have been published this year, but I’ve enjoyed reading them in 2013. Here goes:

Children’s: The Accidental Time Traveller by Janis Mackay Agatha Black is a terrific heroine, brave and resourceful.

Crossover: The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extance. Meteorites, Kurt Vonnegut, cannabis and assisted suicide. One of the most original novels of the year.

Thriller: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. The twistiest, turniest plot you could fit onto paper.

Sports: Really? Do you not know me at all?

Gardening: You can’t go wrong with Dr Hessayon’s Expert Guides. I always assumed he was a fiction invented by a publisher, but he’s a real person. And he’s just retired.

Cookery: There are so many that I’ve lost the will to live (and more startlingly, to read) in this category.

Scandi Crime: Until Thy Wrath Be Past by Asa Larsson. Mainly because of the developing relationship between lawyer Rebecka Martinsson and police officer Anna-Maria Mella. Great stuff.

Poetry: I Could Pee On This and other Poems by Cats by Francesco Marculiano. Trust me here. I have just solved all your Christmas present dilemmas for moggy-loving friends.

It was a slog, but I’ve actually finished it award: Middlemarch by George Eliot. Can I claim to be a real grown-up now?

Did he just do that? He didn’t, did he? award: George R R Martin, for what he seemed to do (but surely he didn’t really??) at the end of the most recent slab of Game of Thrones.

Unexpected gem award: Briefs Encountered by Julian Clary. Noel Coward, ghosts, love affairs… Very funny, and unexpectedly moving.

Abandon yourself and wallow in its gorgeousness award: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Utter bliss.



  1. Good stuff – great to get some more recommendations!

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