Posted by: gillarbuthnott | January 18, 2014

New Year – No New Books?

bookshelfWell, there goes the resolution to blog regularly…. Fortunately, I didn’t actually make that resolution; I’m just aware I should have.

Today I have been indulging in a therapeutic clear out of my bookshelves, removing books that :

a) I’m sure I won’t read again  and that b) my children won’t want to read either

Some people react with amazement when I talk about re-reading books, but for me a book is a total failure if I don’t think I’ll want to return to it sometime. After all, you don’t listen to a piece of music just once, do you? There are books that I read over and over, and I get something new from them every time. Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet and Candia McWilliams’ A Case of Knives fall into this category. To my delight, I’ve just read a new book which I know will be joining them: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. (Splendid Christmas present from Dear Husband) I (tragically according to my family) lay awake worrying about the protagonist, Theo Decker, while I was reading it. I’ve also just finished, and greatly enjoyed, The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith, aka J K Rowling.

I’ve decided to make a sort-of resolution, namely not to buy many (I hesitate to commit myself to the word ‘any’) new books, but instead to re-read all the ones lying in wait on my bookshelves. I’ve already started, with Michelle Paver’s deeply creepy arctic ghost story, Dark Matter. Ideal for cold winter’s evenings, if we ever get any.

And don’t worry – I’m not throwing the cleared-out books away. They’re off to the Christian Aid book sale.



  1. Here’s to re-reading – a particular pleasure!

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