Posted by: gillarbuthnott | March 19, 2014

Spring. Or is it?

untitledSpring is an interesting time in a school. As the sun feels warm for the first time in months, the pupils behave differently. At break time, groups of girls lie around grooming each other’s hair, like families of Lemurs, while the boys thunder past, yelling, like groups of Wildebeest contemplating migration across the Serengeti. Shirt sleeves and trouser legs are rolled up, and there are constant plaintive cries of ‘Miss, can we have the lesson outside?’ All this with temperatures only slightly into double figures. In Scotland, you’ve got to take advantage of good weather the second it appears. (As I write this, the wind is howling outside – again – and we’ve just been warned of snow this weekend!)

Hello to pupils at Glenbrook, Jubilee and Robert Shaw primary schools in Nottingham! I’m going to be meeting some of you at the end of the week and talking to you about my book Germ Wars. I hope you’re not squeamish – I’ve got some really horrible photos to show you. Don’t worry though; I’ll warn you so you can shut your eyes.



  1. Miss, miss, what animal are you?

    • Half cat, half pig, with a dash of owl. And you?

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