Posted by: gillarbuthnott | April 26, 2014

What I did on my Holidays

bs_guana_hummingbird_erik_gaugerI have been very remiss about blogging recently, due to a combination of holidays, aftermath of holidays and computer trouble – apologies.

The holiday bit was rather wonderful: a trip to Cuba. Havana had marvellous architecture, lots of music and public art, and really friendly and interesting people. Then we went to the beach… I never in my life thought I’d get to swim in the Caribbean and see Hummingbirds and Barracuda (not all at once). The picture is a Cuban Emerald Hummigbird – not my own photo, sadly… although I’ve got several shots of flowers that had himmingbirds on them until the moment I pressed the shutter! I absolutely loved Cuba, and I would go back like a shot. Oh, and I ate my own weight in tropical fruit and drank my own volume in Mojitos.

Weeks ago, I promised one of the pupils in my audience in Nottingham that I would check if Cowpox still existed. Well, it does, and is more common in the UK than in the rest of Europe. Weirdly, it is much more common in cats than in cattle!!

As for writing, I’ve got a bit stuck with the new novel I’m trying to write – I can’t get enough momentum. I’ll just have to keep creeping forwards until I build up speed…



  1. Cuba sounds AMAZING! Cat pox … nasty. And I just looked up what a mojito is – WOW! Best thing to do is set a book there, so you have to go back for research. Fancy collaborating???

    • It certainly was amazing (and full of Canadians, but that’s another story!) I’m sure we could come up with a plot that requires a few weeks intensive research in Cuban bars!!

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