Posted by: gillarbuthnott | May 18, 2014

Ink and Paper Lives!

teens-reading3According to the Sunday Times today, Young Adult readers would rather read an actual, proper, real, ink-and-paper book than an ebook. This seem an unexpected finding, given the amount of time the Young spend looking at a screen of one sort or another. But maybe that’s the point – it’s a way to escape the tyranny of screen life for an hour or two. The article also suggests that in the age of Ipads/Ipods and Netflix, people can’t demonstrate their personalities by way of their record collections (if anyone reading this still understands the term) or DVD collections, so a shelf of books is a way to do that. Good to know that low tech isn’t dead yet.

The new book is¬†progressing slowly. At the moment I’m getting to know my way around an island with my main characters. My island has found a lot of inspiration looking at pictures of Poveglia in the Venice lagoon. Have a look and you’ll see why!



  1. Those photos are AMAZING!

    • Aren’t they just! So many stories i
      n there…

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