Posted by: gillarbuthnott | May 27, 2014

RIP Netbook…

imagesI’m in mourning. My trusty Acer Netbook, on which I have written a fair number of books now, has popped its clogs, shuffled off this mortal coil etc etc. To be honest, it’s been on the way out for some time.  First the battery life dwindled to 30 minutes, then it went on a go-slow and refused to send attachments with emails, then it got a bit sulky about sending emails at all, and then Microsoft nailed down the coffin lid by withdrawing support for Windows XP.

So… off I went to buy a new one, preferably exactly the same. Fat chance. I’ve ended up with an Asus this time, with a touch screen that I don’t want, and a lot of things on it I don’t need. So far, most of my interaction with it has been uninstalling programmes.

I suppose I’ll come to love it, but why isn’t there an equivalent of these mobiles they make in Japan  for old people, that have big buttons and just make calls and send texts? What I want is really just a typewriter that can send emails. I am a creature of simple needs; don’t confuse me.


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