Posted by: gillarbuthnott | June 12, 2014

Looking over the parapet.

In both of my jobs – teacher  and children’s writer – I’ve always thought it was better to keep my mouth shut about politics. Even more importantly however, part of  each of those jobs is to take a stand against bullying, whatever form it takes.
It seems it’s time to stick my head above the parapet. Much has been said and written by many about the forthcoming independence referendum. Most people who have expressed their view are moderate, respectful and reasoned in their discussions. The tiny minorities – on both sides – who resort to online abuse, shame us all. Colin and Chris Weir have been vilified for their support of the independence campaign, and now J K Rowling has been extensively trolled for her support for the pro-union campaign.

I’m probably not famous, rich or English enough to provoke an online response, but maybe I’m too tall or old to be entitled to my opinion? Or maybe teachers, or writers, aren’t allowed to have one? Just in case, let me point out that I’m not on Twitter or Facebook, so if anyone wants to insult me so I know about it, it will have to be here.

I was going to stop at this point, but it feels like ducking the issue, so here goes. My family have been Scottish for generations. I am proud to be Scottish: I live and work here, and there’s no other country I would wish to call home. I’m also happy to be British. I’ve lived all my life in the United Kingdom, and I rather like it. United. We live in a global age, and fragmentation doesn’t seem a logical way to go.

And that’s all I have to say



  1. “We live in a global age, and fragmentation doesn’t seem a logical way to go.” That sums up my feelings too. Thanks for posting!

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