Posted by: gillarbuthnott | June 19, 2014

Pine martens – or maybe not…


No picture this week as I’m working on my iPad, which I’m too stupid to understand. Intuitive? Don’t make me laugh!!

I am in full teacher mode at the moment, on a biology field trip with senior pupils. The weather is glorious, the pupils are great; why can’t they always be like that? I’m even hoping to see a Pine marten tonight, which I’ve been desperate to see for years. I’ll update this if I do spot one.

I had a lovely time at the weekend poring over the programme for the Edinburgh International Book Festival. It is, as always, stuffed with delights. In particular, whoever devised the programme for the reading Workshops seems to have been given a list of my favourite books. I can’t go to them all – how on earth will I choose?
As for my own writing, it’s tiptoeing forward quite well. I had to kill a couple of people (characters, that is, not actual people) which always feels a bit strange. There they are, happily engaged in dialogue, and all the time, you know what’s coming and they don’t…


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