Posted by: gillarbuthnott | July 13, 2014

What I do when I don’t have to teach…

imagesCA5Y6G3NWell, that’s me into the post-holiday routine, which basically goes: write, weed, write, pick fruit, write, make jam, write, weed… repeat. It’s a pretty pleasant temporary rut to be in though. The writing is going well, both the non-fiction I’m working on and the new novel, which continues to be a fascinating journey of exploration – for me at least – as I find out what on earth is going on and discover what my characters are going to do about it.

There is a bit of variation this week as I’m off to Broughty Ferry library on Tuesday as part of the Mythical Maze Reading Challenge. Looking forward to meeting some keen readers there!

We have a temporary new member of the family, as we seem to be fostering a Lesser Black-Backed Gull chick which has feckless parents who never feed it. Gilbert, as we have called him, is doing well on a diet of cat food, and seems to be gaining a small local following – we occasionally see passers-by lobbing bits of cheese towards him. He doesn’t look quite as cute as the picture any more; he’s more of a truculent teenager than an appealing toddler now. He should be airborne in a few days – if he manages to dodge the traffic for that long…

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