Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 6, 2014

If Keith Richards was a building…

No, I haven’t been kidnapped by aliens, I’ve just been a Bad Girl and haven’t been blogging. I’ve been writing hard, doing a bit of gardening and trying to sort Younger Child out for going to university.

imagesCA1UKEN9Yesterday though, I was in London, so I took the chance to have a look at the ceramic poppy installation, Bloodswept Lands and Seas of Red, commemorating The Great War, in the Tower of London moat. It’s hugely impressive and moving, and there are still thousands more poppies to be ‘planted’. Definitely worth a visit if you are nearby.

I also did a bit of location-scouting for the novel-in-progress, and went back to a building with which I have to admit, I’ve become a bit obsessed since I discovered it by accident a few years ago: Wilton’s Music Hall. I’d only seen the outside previously, and when I saw scaffolding all over the front, my heart sank – but the door was open, so I sneaked in…

imagesCAYFM1KAOh my. I’m now completely obsessed. I’ve put a photo here, but none of the ones I’ve seen quite convey the fabulously decayed beauty of the inside. If Keef was a building, it would be this one. It’s obviously being renovated at last, but where will they stop? It would lose its atmosphere if it was all shiny new again. Is there anyone out there who can tell me more?



  1. Blog-schmog – you write that book so I can read it!

  2. Yes, ma’am! My poor characters are still on the train they had caught just before we met up – now that’s a delay…

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