Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 31, 2014

Tiny Book Power

This is utterly fabulous! The Brontes were already among my heroines, but now…. I so want these to exist!


Just over 3 years ago – blimey, that went fast! – I posted this fabulous video about the Bronte Sisters Power Dolls.  (I still want them, by the way, if anybody was wondering!)

Yay!  Including tiny books with Boomerang Book Action!!

And then I discovered they were true!  The tiny books, I mean.  As children, the Bronte sisters and brother wrote and made miniature books measuring 2.5 by 5 cms.

bronte3Bronte2A curator at the Musee des Lettres et Manuscrits displays the miniature manuscript dated 1830 written by Charlotte Bronte, in Paris

Bronte Books

Conservationists at the Harvard Library are working with fine surgical instruments and fibres of kozo paper (which are about the width of a human hair) to repair and restore these tiny gems.  So probably not so much with the Boomerang Action … But still, so cool!

And now, it’s over to you time.  For the old types – did you make little books when you were little yourself?  And for the not-so-old types – do you make them now?  I’d…

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