Posted by: gillarbuthnott | September 22, 2014

From Frogs to Frankenstein…

imagesHU6Y77M7Well, that’s that. 21st over. Both offspring deposited at university. Younger child instructed over the phone how to:

a) operate a washing machine (He has done it at home, honestly)

b) mop a floor (not sure I want to know why he was doing this)

c) make bolognese sauce (can he not operate the interweb for such things??)

So, my mind is at last on the writing again. I’ve just done the first edit on the next science book, so I can get stuck in to finishing the first draft of the next one now. I’ve been reminding myself today of the genesis of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which is a great story to include, connected as it is, to both frogs and electricity.

And once I finish that, NOTHING is getting in the way of my poor neglected fiction.

I hope.



  1. It’s been round mine, moaning about neglect – I keep saying, “She loves you really. Really she does.” It’s not hearing me.

    • I’m only glad someone’s listening to it! Please give it a stroke from me next time it pops in and tell it we’ll soon be together again…

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