Posted by: gillarbuthnott | October 12, 2014

A Girl with a Book is a Dangerous Thing

untitledJanice Turner’s article in The Times yesterday drew my attention to Jonathan Yeo’s striking portrait of Malala Yousafzai, called, simply, Girl Reading. If ever you needed an illustration of the power of the written word, her story provides it. As Turner puts it, ‘If a girl reads, she might think, find a job, be economically independent, evade the control of man and mosque.’ . The determination of girls like Malala to be educated is seen as such a threat by some groups that they will seek to  kidnap, kill or enslave to prevent it happening. Words put Malala’s life in danger but also provided her with a route to a life she could never have imagined

Nobel Prize and GCSEs – a unique combination; good luck with the Physics, Malala. To quote Turner again, ‘Nothing is finer or fiercer than a girl reading.’



  1. Thank you for this – “nothing finer or fiercer” indeed!

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