Posted by: gillarbuthnott | November 18, 2014

And the winner is…

imagesWell, yesterday was award day for the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize. I didn’t win, but I did have a ball! I met the other shortlisted authors and lots of the voting pupils during DNA workshops at the amazing International Centre for Life, in Newcastle; got to look round the Gunther von Hagens ‘Bodyworlds’ exhibition, which I’ve wanted to see for ages; drank champagne cocktails and ate afternoon tea. So, not a bad day, on the whole.

The award was won by Clive Gifford for Eyebenders: The Science of Seeing and Believing, which is a terrific book showing the science of vision and optical illusions, so there’s an optical illusion for you here. (Quite like what I saw after the champagne cocktails…)

All the organisers from the Royal Society and the Centre for Life made it a great occasion for school pupils and authors alike. Thankyou all!



  1. Argghhhh!!! Give me DNA to look at any day! And congratulations on being shortlisted!

  2. Oh, I quite enjoy a good optical illusion…. Many thanks for the congratulations.

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