Posted by: gillarbuthnott | February 27, 2015

Today my childhood died…

imagesI’m sure I can’t be the only one feeling this way on hearing news of the death of Leonard Nimoy. Star Trek was the first television programme I ever saw in colour, the source of my continuing love of science fiction and the most glamorous thing I had ever seen when it first aired. I watched the reruns for years, until I could virtually say the lines along with the characters, long after that childhood glamour had gone and I could see that the rocks were made of polystyrene and the aliens were poorly disguised humans.

And yet… there was still something about it. It was the optimistic view of the future of mankind that I loved then and – yes – now. The bridge of the Starship Enterprise was a multicultural – and indeed multispecies – melting pot. At a time when the USA and USSR were aiming so many nuclear missiles at each other, it was good to have something to watch that suggested we weren’t all going to be fried.

I loved all the characters, but it was Spock I loved most. And now he’s gone. I salute him (Vulcan salute, of course)

Spock – you have been, and always will be, my hero.




  1. I can remember being gutted that all my classmates got to stay up to watch Star Trek, while I was packed off to bed after Tom and Jerry. It all seemed impossibly glamorous. And then when I finally was allowed to watch, it was definitely worth the wait.

    • Oh, it so was…

  2. I feel sad too.

    • I think we all do.

  3. Please read my post about Mr. Nimoy. I think you will find our childhoods aligned.

    • They certainly did in this respect!

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