Posted by: gillarbuthnott | April 27, 2015

Oh Frabjous Day…

imagesI am a very happy bunny today. Why? I hear you chorus.

Because I have just realised how the New Novel should end. And not before time. I’ve been writing it for a year, and I’m well through the 2nd draft (having left the 1st draft without an ending). There I was, walking to work this morning, when I realised what needed to happen. Now all I have to do is write it. (Ha ha)

I had a lovely time on Friday at the launch of the Edinburgh International Book Festival Baillie Gifford Schools Programme. It’s crammed full of delights. If you are a teacher, follow this link, read all about it then get booking. If you’re a pupil, follow the link then mercilessly nag your teachers to get booking!

See you there…



  1. Great news Gill! Kx

    Kathryn Ross Fraser Ross Associates 6 Wellington Place Edinburgh EH6 7EQ T. 0131 657 4412 / 07980 668310


    • I thought you would be pleased!

  2. Fabulous feeling – these revelations hide and hide and hide – and then POUNCE! Huzzah!

    • This one certainly took its time!

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